We understand the importance of innovation

Quanint Techsoft is an emerging innovation company based out of Hyderabad. QTS provides solutions for B2B, B2C and B2B2C segments. With a combined 8 years of experience in electronics and computer science platforms, our founders have solid experience in different sectors. QTS is a product-based company which built the products for the real-time problems across the globe. Our products including Buchuk, 3D printing and Neerovel makes an impact in various groups. QTS provides consulting and trainings for the corporates and students to get aware of these technologies. Automation is the nex gen, that will be an era of man to the power of machine: not man versus machine, but man and machine.


We stay current with the latest applications and building technologies

Our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else with automation. We’re fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the automation era (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks) and Digital Transformation.


We can develop a strategy that allows you to grow without causing you to spend more than you’re comfortable with. A great solution is one that helps you achieve your goals WITHOUT causing you “budget stress”!

Our Values

why we do what we do
These are not just projects to us, these are the lives and the dreams of our clients and we are honored to be considered a trusted advisor to the people we serve.

Our Approach to your success

Our approach to every project is to design for the maximum alignment of sales and marketing initiatives from the beginning. This ensures that you will achieve the greatest possible results.